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  • High 5 Casino Introduces Live Dealer Games

    The vast world of online iGaming always continues to evolve, offering players new and exciting experiences. High 5 Casino, one of the industry’s leading social casinos, has recently unveiled its latest innovation: Live Dealer games!

    This groundbreaking addition allows players to immerse themselves in the thrill of live table games while enjoying the social interaction that High 5 Casino is known for. As a matter of fact, it emphasizes the “social” aspects of social casinos by incorporating live dealer hosts to socialize with players!

    If you want an immersive taste of Vegas without the Vegas-style stakes, High 5 can give you a free taste – from the comfort of your own home! You never have to pay to play on this site (but if you want to, for whatever reason, H5 accepts payments from over 3000 banks).

    With a wide array of games to choose from, including:

    • Roulette
    • Blackjack
    • Poker
    • Baccarat

    High 5 Casino’s live dealer feature is set to revolutionize the online social gaming landscape! Though High 5 Casino is far from the first online iGaming platform to offer live dealer games, it’s among the few sweepstakes and social casino sites to offer live dealer games!

    A prominent force behind the allure of sweepstakes and social casinos is the lack of a monetary barrier to entry. Unlike traditional web-based casinos, you never have to pay to play with most of these sites. What’s more is that most of these sites still offer the enticing opportunity to win real cash and sweepstakes prizes! 

    Now, High 5 is set to marry the allure of non-traditional casino style gameplay, with the allure of a traditional casino-style experience! Why break the bank to travel to Vegas or Atlantic City, when you can get a taste of the experience, free of charge?

    Let’s take a quick look at High 5’s new high-caliber live dealer titles. 

    The Best Live Dealer Games Online? 

    Finding the “best” casino style games, let alone the best social and sweepstakes casinos, is ultimately a matter of subjective personal preferences. Some might be drawn to free social casino sites for the chance to spin and win off of free slots.

    Others might be incentivized to join social casinos or sweepstakes casino apps for a free taste of table game thrills. High 5 Casino aims to add an extra layer of immersion to those thrills with its new live dealer feature! 

    Rather than purely playing with digitized computer graphics, live dealer games are officiated by real people. Live dealers help the game to feel more like the real deal. Are you on board with this concept, but not so on board with the idea of shelling out big smackeroos to play? 

    Then, you’ll be happy to know that High 5 Casino is now offering a heaping helping of new live dealer options, free of charge! See for yourself. 

    Roulette: A Spin Towards Excitement

    Step into the world of roulette at High 5 Casino, and witness the spinning wheel of fortune. Offering a variety of roulette options, H5 players can choose from many fun live dealer variants on this classic game, including:

    • Oracle 360 Roulette
    • Portomaso Roulette
    • European Auto Roulette
    • Classic Las Vegas Roulette!

    Each variant brings its own unique atmosphere, striking visuals, and the opportunity to test your luck against the wheel. With interactive features and a live dealer to guide you through the game, H5 roulette all but guarantees an immersive, exhilarating social gaming experience.

    Live Dealer Roulette Strategy

    Live dealer roulette is a game of chance. While luck plays a significant role in the outcome of each spin, players can employ certain strategies to enhance their chances of winning and optimize their overall gameplay experience. Here are a few strategies that players can consider when engaging in live dealer roulette:

    Roulette Strategies

    1. Martingale Strategy: The Martingale strategy is one of the most well-known strategies in roulette. It involves doubling the unit after every loss. The goal is recovering previous losses to make a return. It’s important to set reasonable limits and be aware that this strategy relies on a sufficient balance!
    2. Fibonacci Strategy: Based on the Fibonacci sequence, this strategy involves picking according to a specific number sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on. Each number represents the sum of the two preceding numbers. In roulette, players using the Fibonacci strategy would risk the corresponding amount after each loss and move one step forward in the sequence after each win.
    3. D’Alembert Strategy: The D’Alembert strategy involves increasing or decreasing units after each win or loss. The aim is to create a balanced approach and gradually recover losses. The strategy is designed to minimize losses and adapt to the flow of the game.
    4. Sector Betting: By focusing on specific sections of the roulette wheel, players can adopt a more strategic approach and potentially exploit patterns or trends they observe during the game.

    It’s important to note that while these strategies can enhance the gameplay experience, they do not guarantee consistent winnings. Roulette remains a game of chance, and outcomes are determined by random spins. Experiment with different strategies, find what works best for you, and remember to play responsibly!

    High 5’s live roulette is a great choice, if you’re looking to take your pick from 0 to 36. But what if you only want to count to 21?

    Blackjack: The Ultimate Card Game

    For card enthusiasts, High 5 Casino’s Live Dealer feature brings the timeless game of Blackjack to life. With options like H5C Blackjack 1, H5C Blackjack 2, Las Vegas Blackjack, and Limitless Blackjack, players can indulge in strategic gameplay and challenge their skills against the dealer. 

    The presence of a live dealer adds an authentic touch to the experience, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a high end land-based casino. Are you a seasoned Blackjack player or a novice? High 5 Casino offers a Blackjack variant to suit your table game preferences, and level of expertise.

    Dice and Poker: Roll the Dice, Play Your Cards Right

    High 5 Casino’s Live Dealer feature doesn’t stop at Roulette and Blackjack. It also presents players with the opportunity to engage in dice and poker games. For those seeking the excitement of poker, Casino Hold’em is the go-to choice.

    Test your poker face against a live dealer and other players, adding a social element that elevates the gaming experience to new heights. Dice enthusiasts can’t roll the virtual dice and enjoy the thrill of chance and strategy just yet. That said, we certainly hope High 5 will add live dealer craps

    Baccarat: From Galaxy To Macau

    The elegance and sophistication of Baccarat are brought to the forefront with High 5 Casino’s Live Dealer feature. Choose between Galaxy Baccarat and Macau Baccarat, both offering a captivating atmosphere that emulates the grandeur of high-stakes Baccarat tables. With live dealers guiding the gameplay, players can immerse themselves in the traditions of this iconic card game while:

    • Interacting with fellow players
    • Forging new connections
    • Enhancing the social aspect of their experience

    Know what else will enhance their live dealer gameplay? High 5 Casino’s free signup offer, all on the house!

    Live Dealer Free Play!

    High 5 Casino’s introduction of Live Dealer games marks a significant milestone in the world of social gaming. By seamlessly blending the thrill of live table games with the interaction you’d want from a social casino, High 5 Casino offers an unrivaled gaming experience. 

    Whether you’re a fan of Roulette, Blackjack, dice games, or Baccarat, the Live Dealer feature provides an immersive atmosphere and an opportunity to connect with fellow players. High 5 Casino continues to raise the bar, ensuring that players enjoy top-quality entertainment and the excitement of a real casino from the comfort of their own homes.

    Embark on a thrilling journey today, and experience the magic of High 5 Casino’s Live Dealer games. You can read our writeup to learn more about H5, prior to trying their games. If you like what you see, you can join now to claim 5 FREE sweeps coins, and 600 Diamonds!

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