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  • Global Poker Events – Montreal Turbo Series!

    Global Poker Events - Turbo Series - Play Now

    Tonight at 8:30 ET marks a maple-syrupy sweet milestone in Global Poker history. As the site’s Bounty Series V is slated to end soon, an exciting new tournament series is slated to start!

    Coinciding with the Montreal Formula One, the aptly named Grand Prix Turbo Series will run from June 16-18!

    Rather than being one tournament, this series encompasses a set of 8:

    • Four Daily Gold Coins (GC) Tournaments!
    • Four Daily Sweeps Coin (SC) Tournaments!

    The Grand Prix Turbo Series is slated to kick off on a high note tonight, with some high-energy hyper turbo Hold Em’ action! Both tournament tiers will require a minimum 11,000GC and 11SC threshold from entry, respectively. 

    Such rules applies all the way from the starting line to the finish, ensuring that each player can make it into the Main Event with the same stakes. Look forward to massive prize pools across the GC and SC main events; 25,000,000 GC for the former, 50,000 SC for the latter!

    This is the second installment in Global Poker’s Grand Prix Turbo series. The first kicked off in May, coinciding with Miami’s Formula 1 events. That event promised breakneck paced-poker action and big-time sweeps prizes. This one is sure to scratch a similar itch.

    Let’s take a look at the high-octane, grand prize gameplay Global Poker has in store this weekend. 

    Global Poker Tournaments

    The second installment of the Grand Prix series will encompass 12 Hyper Turbo events over the next three days. Each of these hyper turbo cardrooms last for minutes as opposed to hours, reinforcing a sense of frenetic, fast-paced action. 

    Each event in the leadup to the main event has big prize pools in their own right, with 5,000,000 GC pools, and 10,000 SC pools in each round. But the Main Events will be sure to bring the creme de la creme in sweepstakes social poker prizes. What’s even better than the cumulative prize pools of 55,000,000 GC and 110,000 SC?

    Global Poker Prizes

    Global Poker’s Main Events for the Montreal Turbo Series will tout additional prize pools! The finalists of this series will have their chance to compete for two more hefty pieces of pie:

    1. Their slice of an added 25,000,000 GC prize pool!
    2. Their slice of an added 50,000 SC prize pool!

    But these Deep Hyper Turbo events won’t just up the ante with more coins. Winners who top the Montreal Race and Grand Prix Turbo Series leaderboards stand a chance at winning:

    • Fuzzy Dice and Checkered Flags
    • Exclusive Global Poker Merch
    • Free Global Poker Tournament Entries
    • A Ferrari Racing Helmet + Grand Prize!

    What grand prize is Global Poker pushing for its Grand Prix Turbo Series? The lucky Season Leaderboard winner will be able to win an exclusive trip for two! The season’s sole survivor will enjoy being able to see the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy, on a 3 day trip, all expenses paid! That grand prize will go to the series winner. As in, the finalist who’s able to stick it out through Global Poker’s:

    • Montreal Turbo Series (this weekend)
    • Austin Turbo Series (set for October)
    • Vegas Turbo Series (set for November)

    But let’s not skip a few laps ahead. For now, just have a look at the weekend’s Montreal Turbo Series Schedule.

    Turbo Series Schedule

    • 6/16/23 – 20:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 01
    • 6/16/23 – 21:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 02
    • 6/16/23 – 21:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 03
    • 6/16/23 – 22:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 04 
    • 6/17/23 – 15:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 05
    • 6/17/23 – 16:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 06
    • 6/17/23 – 16:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 07
    • 6/17/23 – 17:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 08
    • 6/18/23 – 15:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 09
    • 6/18/23 – 16:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 10
    • 6/18/23 – 16:30 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 11
    • 6/18/23 – 17:00 – GC/SC Grand Prix Turbo Series 12

    In just a few short hours, get ready for Global Poker to start their engines on an entire weekend’s worth of sweepstakes poker action!

    Global Poker: How To Get Sweeps Cash

    Are you ready to experience the thrill of online poker? Global Poker brings you the ultimate gaming platform, where you can play and win with FREE Sweeps Coins!

    Discover how to get your hands on this exclusive currency and take your gameplay to the next level. On Global Poker, acquiring Sweeps Coins is now easier than ever. 

    Does Global Poker Have An App?

    There’s an app for that! In today’s fast-paced world, having your favorite online poker platform readily available is essential. That’s why Global Poker offers a cutting-edge mobile app that allows you to play anytime, anywhere, right from the palm of your hand.

    For Android users, the Global Poker mobile app is your passport to a world of thrilling poker action. Here’s what you can expect:

    1. Seamless gameplay: Experience smooth, immersive gameplay on your device. 
    2. Easy navigation: With a user-friendly interface, effortlessly join tables, and manage your account with just a few taps.
    3. Variety of games: Enjoy a wide range of poker variants. Whether you’re a pro or beginner, there’s a game for every skill level.
    4. Play with friends: Connect with your friends and challenge them to exciting multiplayer tournaments.
    5. Secure and reliable: Rest assured that your personal and financial information is protected with state-of-the-art security measures. Global Poker prioritizes your safety above all else.

    Don’t miss out on the action. Download the Global Poker app today from the Google Play Store, and take your poker passion with you wherever you go. The tournament tables are waiting – high time to shuffle up and deal!

    Global Poker Bonus Code

    Ready to supercharge your Global Poker experience, ahead of this weekend’s tournament? Look no further than our site’s exclusive bonus code, which should net you a nice helping of extra table stakes.

    If you sign up now with the code “ODDS”, you can score 40 FREE Sweeps Coins for the Turbo Series, entirely on the house!

    Have fun, and play your cards responsibly!

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