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  • Watch 4 Craps Strategy Videos to Elevate Your Game

    Table of contents

    Are you new to the exhilarating world of Sweepstakes casino craps? Feeling a tad bit of overwhelm with where to even begin? Don’t wrack your brain with too much crap before you hit the virtual craps tables!

    As a matter of fact, craps stands out as one of the most player-friendly games available. The game’s odds system and tables might look confusing to new players. But believe it or not, it’s a surprisingly simple game to get a handle on. That’s precisely where our selection of craps strategy videos and expert tips comes into play.

    Here at Lucky.Me, we pride ourselves on equipping you with essential tools to better comprehend the social casino space. By watching over these carefully curated craps strategy videos, you could potentially elevate your potential to emerge victorious.

    Remember, responsible gameplay is of paramount importance when indulging in casino-style games. Even when you’re playing for free with a sweepstakes casino promo code. Only play amounts that you’d be comfortable losing, and always keep your wits about you. By watching these four videos and keeping our tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be well on your way!

    (To joining the ranks of millions of craps enthusiasts across the globe!)

    Furthermore, these four craps strategy videos go beyond providing general, rudimentary guidance. Each video caters to different skill levels and playing styles, ensuring that anyone can find insights to enhance their game. Whether you’re a novice or pro looking to take their craps prowess to new heights, we’ve got you covered.

    What sets these videos apart is the expertise and knowledge shared by seasoned craps players and industry professionals. You’ll gain access to insider tips, tricks, and tactics that can significantly impact your success at the craps table, by:

    • Learning how to make calculated plays
    • Learning how to manage your stakes effectively
    • Learning how to capitalize on favorable odds

    Armed with these invaluable strategies, you’ll feel empowered and confident as you navigate the dynamic and unpredictable world of craps. Beyond strategy, these videos also delve into the nuances of etiquette and proper conduct while playing craps.

    Understanding the etiquette not only ensures an enjoyable experience but can also help foster camaraderie among fellow players. Connection and camaraderie are especially crucial for enjoying social casinos with cash prizes. These platforms love to emphasize and prioritize their social functionalities – it’s right there in the name!

    Discover the unwritten rules of the game, such as proper dice handling, playing etiquette, and table manners. By embracing these guidelines, you’ll not only improve your reputation as a courteous player, but you can also garner respect. 

    Remember, learning from videos is just the beginning. The true mastery of craps comes from honing your skills and adapting your strategies in real-time scenarios. Social casinos and sweepstakes casino apps are great settings for honing your skills. Especially since you never have to pay to play, more often than not!

    Our handpicked selection of these top craps strategy videos could be your gateway to success. Whether you’re a curious newcomer seeking guidance, or a seasoned player looking to refine your techniques! We’re not being full of crap here! Embrace the challenge, immerse yourself in the world of craps, and embark on a thrilling journey filled with fun!

    With these tips, tricks, and top video strategy guides, you’ll find yourself shouting “HOLY CRAPS!” in no time flat.


    1. The Best Craps Strategy Discovered? 

    In this video, David from Casino Quest discusses many of his favorite craps strategies. But all in all, he ultimately recommends a strategy that he affectionately personally refers to as “The One”. The One (AKA the Iron Cross system) is a craps strategy that involves playing the field numbers:

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
    • 12

    After that, it involves playing a 5, 6, and 8 on the table. This strategy improves players chances to win on each roll, except for a 7. Players lack enough field coverage to effectively cover that number. This means they can still lose on a 7 roll, which can happen more frequently than winning rolls.

    But David’s variation of this strategy involves adding a Come play with to the mix. The Come play is placed after an initial point on the board is established. From there, the play wins on a 7 or 11, and loses on a 2, 3, or 12. If the Come play is able to be established, it can be placed on the field. This allows players to potentially win on more numbers.

    He recommends using this strategy in concert with a proper bankroll management system. The 5% rule, for instance, means only risking 5% of your total bankroll on any given play. Additionally, he also suggests using a “take-down” strategy, where players reduce their plays after a certain number of rolls.

    1. An Unbeatable Craps Strategy?

    In this Casino Quest video, the host claims to have found a strategy that he says “you cannot lose” with. He calls this craps strategy the “3 Point Molly with Hedge” and explains how it works. 

    Have you actually heard of the popular craps strategy called the 3 Point Molly? The host’s descriptor of it might lean a bit on the clickbaity side. Even so, it’s still an efficacious craps strategy worth considering. Here’s why. 

    This technique implies making a Pass Line play, and then placing additional odds plays after the initial point. It’s namesake isn’t due to Molly Ringwald, or questionably sourced research chemicals one might find at EDM club raves. 

    This popular strategy is known as a three-point molly; why, you ask? You’ll end up having three numbers with active plays on the table all at once. It’s a pretty well-known and effective strategy if you’re looking to improve your craps game!

    The host’s variation of this strategy entails adding a Hedge play to the mix. The Hedge play is a play on 2, 3, or 12 that is placed after the point is established. This play can net you a hefty 7:1 return if a craps number is rolled! If so, this would subsequently cover any losses from the Pass Line and odds plays.

    The host claims that this strategy is foolproof because it covers almost every possible outcome. If a 7 is rolled, the Pass Line and odds plays lose. With that in mind, it’s not entirely true that “you cannot lose”.

    But even so, the Hedge play can still win, in this scenario. Vice versa, If a point number is rolled, the Pass Line and odds play win, but the Hedge plays lose.

    1. Overall Craps Strategy Rundown – CasinoTop10s Top Tips

    This CasinoTop10 video offers several strategic pointers, tricks, and tips for players looking to play craps the right way. Firstly, the video recommends making the Pass Line play. This involves a preceding dice roll before the Come Out dice roll. This roll also has the lowest house edge of all craps plays. 

    Players should also back up their Pass Line plays with as many odds plays as they can afford. Odds plays have no house edge, and moreover, he video also suggests using the Come play. This allows players to establish a new point number after the initial point has been established. Like the Pass Line play, players can also back up their Come play with odds plays. 

    Odds plays also can’t be played right away, as they also require a point to already be established. Furthermore, the video also emphasizes the importance of:

    • Bankroll management
    • Encouraging players to only play with stakes they can afford to lose
    • Setting reasonable, manageable spending limits

    Finally, the video suggests using a controlled throw technique to influence the overall outcome of the dice. However, this CasinoTop10 video notes that this technique is controversial and may not be allowed universally. It’s also less of a factor with social casino games, as virtual tables aren’t reliant on real “throws”.

    1. Easy In And Out Craps Strategy 

    The host of this video presents a simple craps strategy that entails making a Pass Line play. That’s the first step before placing Come plays with full odds. The strategy also involves a “press and regress” technique to manage plays. 

    Free sweeps casinos offer a good environment to put these strategies into practice. There’s no required risk to potentially reaping their rewards, so they’re a great place to hone your skills. Before you head off, let’s answer some last minute questions, to help you get a better feel for craps!

    Where Did Craps Originate?

    Craps, in its earliest form, harkens back to ancient civilizations. The exact origin is debatable, but it’s widely believed to have originated from an English game called “Hazard”. Believe it or not, Hazard dates all the way back to the 12th century!

    Hazard was then brought to France, where it gained popularity among the nobility in the country. It eventually made its way to the United States, and centuries later, the game’s global popularity persists to this day!

    How Craps Works?

    Craps is a dice game using two sets of dice. The game revolves around the outcome of the dice roll, or a series of rolls. The “shooter” is the player who rolls the dice. Before the roll, players place their picks on various areas of the craps table. The most common include the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass Line” plays.

    Following these plays, the shooter rolls the dice. If the initial roll, known as the “come-out roll,” results in a 7 or 11, the Pass Line bets win. If it results in a 2, 3, or 12, the Don’t Pass Line bets win. Any other number rolled becomes the “point.”

    The objective for the shooter is to roll the point number again before rolling a 7. If the point is rolled, the Pass Line wins. If a 7 is rolled first, the Don’t Pass Line wins. The game continues with new shooters taking turns.

    Where Did Craps Get Its Name From?

    The name “craps” likely originates from the French word “crapaud,” meaning “toad.” This was because in the early days of this popular dice game, players would squat like toads while playing in the streets. 

    Over time, the name evolved into “craps” as the game gained wider popularity.

    Can Craps Be Beaten?

    Craps, like most casino-style games, has a house edge. This ensures the casino has an advantage over the players in the long run. In layman’s terms, it’s not possible to consistently beat the game in the long term. That said, employing sound, smart strategies can still help improve your odds of winning in the short term. 

    Understand the odds, manage your coins wisely, and utilize appropriate strategies. Maximal mindfulness can maximize your chances of success at the craps table.

    Craps Strategy Tips?

    Here are a few strategy tips to enhance your craps game:

    a. Start with the basics: Begin by understanding the fundamental plays like the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. These plays have favorable odds for players.

    b. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your craps session and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and know when to walk away.

    c. Take advantage of odds plays: Following the first play, consider placing additional moves called “odds plays.” These have no house edge, and can significantly improve your chances of winning at the table.

    d. Avoid proposition plays: Proposition plays in craps have high house edges – avoid them! These include picks on specific numbers, combinations, or dice totals.

    e. Play with discipline: Emotions can run high in craps, but it’s essential to stay calm and stick to your strategy. Avoid making impulsive plays based on intuition or superstition.

    Where To Play Craps?

    Many major land and web-based casinos have craps tables as part of their offerings. In the United States, popular destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are well-known for their craps tables.

    Additionally, social casinos provide a convenient platform to play craps from the comfort of your own home, free of charge! If you’re wondering where you can find reputable sweeps casino sites and start hitting the virtual tables, our reviews might offer a good place to start.

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